Protecting Your Home With Fire Extinguishers

Posted on: 3 November 2022


A fire breaking out is one of the most serious threats that a home may experience. In the event that a homeowner is not prepared for this situation, the risk of losing their entire house could be dramatically increased. Fire extinguishers can be one of the most important tools for quickly responding to a fire in the home, but ineffective practices and common mistakes may limit the ability of this tool to protect a home.

Not Practicing Using A Fire Extinguisher

While a fire extinguisher may seem like a simple device, individuals that do not have experience using these tools can find it difficult to effectively put out a fire. For example, it can be a common mistake for people to aim the fire extinguisher at the flames rather than at the base of the fire. Furthermore, a person may be surprised by the trajectory that the fire extinguisher retardant will take. Luckily, there are many fire departments that will offer opportunities for local residents to practice using fire extinguishers and to learn more about the steps for protecting their property against this extremely dangerous threat.

Failing To Place Enough Fire Extinguishers In The Home

Another mistake that people may make with their fire extinguishers is only having one of these devices in their homes. This could lead to a couple of problems that may severely impair their ability to respond to a fire. One example of this could be the fact that this could lead to individuals having to go much further before they are able to retrieve the fire extinguisher. Additionally, there could be different types of fires that may start in the home, and it can be necessary to have a fire extinguisher that is designed for the various types of fires that may start. An example of this could be having a fire extinguisher that is suitable for use on grease fires in the kitchen and one that is geared toward electrical fires near the breaker boxes.

Ineffective Maintenance On The Fire Extinguishers

Failing to maintain the fire extinguishers that are in your home can lead to an unfortunate situation where you find that the fire extinguisher is unable to work due to a lack of pressure or a faulty handle. Having the fire extinguishers pressurized and inspected for significant problems every year can avoid these issues by ensuring that these problems are identified and corrected. To help you remember when to schedule this work, you should record the date of the last servicing on the exterior of the fire extinguisher. 

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