Building Automation Systems: Key Development Tips To Remember

Posted on: 10 March 2023


Building automation systems are primarily used to automate key systems in a building, including HVAC equipment and lighting. If you plan to develop your own BAS (building automation system), here are some key planning tips to focus on.

Start Off with a BAS Consultation

So that you have a clear idea of how a building automation system needs to be put together and installed on your property, it helps to consult with a BAS professional. Then you'll have a specialist who you can review plans that already exist and give you suggestions you might not have considered otherwise.

You just need to be open with them about what your main goals are with said system. Why do you want a building automation system in the first place? If you let your consultant in on these goals, they can ensure design and development work out in optimal ways. Then you can remain satisfied with this system for years. 

Set Realistic Expectations with Said System

From the very beginning of planning and developing a building automation system, you need to set realistic expectations for what this system will be able to do. Then you won't get your hopes up and can refine designs for the said system in no time.

You might just want to review building automation systems for a while, seeing how they have been used in the past and innovations that have come out for them in the last couple of years or so. Then you can make sure you stay rooted in reality when putting said automation system together for a particular worksite. 

Focus on Energy Efficiency Improvement

There are several important things you can achieve with a building automation system, but one of the best goals to have in mind is energy efficiency improvement.

If you can design a BAS that helps various systems run more efficiently, you can save money on energy and thus worry less about how much it costs to work out of a particular environment.

Fortunately, there are some BAS models specifically designed to support energy efficiency goals. You just need to thoroughly research these models, seeing how much energy savings they can provide. 

If you have a building with key systems that you want to automate, a BAS may be an incredible resource to develop and install. You'll just need to focus on key aspects and make sure your plans are achievable early on.