3 Important Questions To Ask Before You Begin Home Solar Panel Installation

Posted on: 17 May 2023


Home solar panel installations can come with a substantial number of benefits for the environment. That said, not every homeowner should install solar panels, and there are several crucial questions you should ask if you are considering doing so. Take a look below at three questions you should answer before beginning installation.

Are you familiar with local regulations and permits?

If the answer to this question is 'no', then it is not worth risking the purchase and installation of solar panels. That is because local regulations can govern everything from size to grid-tie arrangements (the latter used for importing and exporting power from your area's power grid). Running afoul of one of these regulations or not having the necessary permits for the particular panels you want to install can cost you far more in wasted time and money than if you simply perform sufficient research in the first place.

Is it economically viable for your situation?

No matter how tempting it might be to install solar panels on environmental grounds, there is no point in doing so if you will be spending more money rather than saving it. In order to calculate the true cost of solar panels, you should consider the total cost of the equipment, installation (if not doing it yourself), and regular expected maintenance. Against these costs, you should also consider tax credits offered by the state or federal government as well as any other financial incentives.

What are your exact energy needs?

Most homeowners don't closely examine their seasonal or annual energy consumption, but if you plan to install a solar panel system, then this kind of detailed evaluation is a must. You should calculate how many panels are needed to meet your average energy demand as well as peak season needs. If you plan to expand your energy consumption any time soon, then this should also be taken into account in order to future-proof the system. One of the most common mistakes homeowners make is failing to install enough panels, only to realize later that they cannot easily add on to the panel system they have in place.

It is not uncommon to hear homeowners rave about their solar panel installation and how they wish they had done it sooner. But before you take a similar leap, make sure to ask and answer some of the most important questions about solar panels. 

For more info about solar installation, contact a local company.