• Video Conferencing Etiquette Do's And Don'ts

    The ways in which people communicate with their colleagues has changed dramatically, and in the past if you wanted to have a proper meeting with someone across the state or country, getting on a plane was the best option. Now that video conferencing is becoming more commonplace, it's important to understand the unwritten rules of etiquette that will help ensure you remain professional and engaging. Here are a few video conferencing etiquette do's and don'ts to keep in mind:
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  • Leather Office Furniture — Proper Care Tips

    If you want the front reception area of your office to stand out, then it is wise to place comfortable and luxurious leather furniture in the space. If you run your business on a tight budget, then you want the furniture items to last as long as possible. Leather furniture requires special care and cleaning, so follow the tips below to make sure you are not spending extra money on replacement furniture items every year.
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