Local Trucking Job Considerations

Posted on: 5 January 2023


If you have a good driving record and a good work history, you may qualify for a local CDL driver job. A truck driving career does not need to require long hours and long-distance drives in order for a job to be lucrative. Consider using the following criteria when searching for a local trucking job. 


First, you may be seeking information about the incentives that you will receive after being hired as a local truck driver. Some trucking companies offer sign-on bonuses. They may be willing to pay new workers throughout the formal training period that must be completed. A reputable job may also offer bonuses that are based on performance.

For instance, driving for a specific amount of time and not incurring any accidents may warrant a driver a cash bonus. Each trucking outfitter within your region may operate differently. In order to acquire a job that will be rewarding to you, research various trucking companies and find out what types of bonuses they offer their drivers.

Equipment And Resources

A trucking outfitter that dispatches drivers may furnish each driver with a big rig that they can use during each delivery route. Trucking businesses that offer local routes can be affiliated with just about any industry that you can think of. There may be local openings for drivers that will be responsible for hauling perishable items in a reefer truck. This type of truck features a semi-cab and a freezer trailer. There may also be local openings for hauling dry goods in an enclosed cargo area or on a truck that contains a bed.

The equipment that you are furnished with at the onset of being hired will allow you to perform your job duties accurately and safely. Some places of business match new employees with a mentor. A mentor will be someone who has been in the trucking industry for a while. This person can answer questions and may even ride along with you when you first make deliveries.

Hours And Pay

Your hours and pay will likely be reflective of the number of driving hours that you put in and the distance covered. Just like with a long-haul driving job, you will be responsible for delivering goods at set times. Review the hours and pay wages, prior to signing on with an employer. This pay may be given to you on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

If you're looking for intermodal trucking jobs, reach out to a local company.