Investing In Pump Pullers For Your Business

Posted on: 28 October 2020


For professionals that are responsible for installing or remove water pump systems, it can be necessary to have the right equipment to safely and efficiently move these heavy pieces of equipment. In particular, pump pullers can be invaluable tools for professionals that will regularly need to do this task.

Appreciate The Role That Pump Pullers Could Serve For Your Business

Pump pullers are pieces of equipment that are designed to be able to easily raise and lower water pumps. This can be extremely useful for pumps that are installed below ground as these would be extremely difficult to reach. The use of one of these pullers will allow you to easily connect the puller to the pump so that it can be raised. In addition to allowing you to remove or install these pumps more quickly, they can reduce the risk of injuries occurring as a result of attempting to lift these extremely heavy items manually or losing control of them when using other types of equipment to move them.

Consider The Weight Limit Of The Pumps You Will Be Moving

The weight of water pumps should not be underestimated. These devices can easily weigh hundreds of pounds. In addition to being extremely heavy, there can also be a wide variation in the exact weight of these systems. For example, an industrial water pumping system is likely to be far heavier than a system that is intended for residential use. When choosing a pump puller, you will have to be mindful of the weight capacity of these systems. Otherwise, you could accidentally choose a system that may not be able to accommodate the weight of the types of pumps that you will be handling.

Ensure Workers Are Familiar With Setting Up The Pump Puller

Setting up the pump puller will not be particularly difficult or complex, but it will be vital that it be done correctly. Otherwise, the intense weight of the pump could easily cause the system to collapse, which could cause extensive damage or may even cause injuries. For any employees that will be using these systems, you should give them a thorough training session on the proper setup and usage of the pump puller. This should include allowing them to practice setting it up and disassembling it. Furthermore, you may want to prepare a quick reference sheet that they will be able to review if they have encounter issues when they are in the field using these systems. These two steps can greatly reduce the risk of problems occurring while your employees are using these seemingly simple systems to remove or install water pumps for your clients.