Need To Work With A Bail Bond Company? 5 Tips On Choosing The Best One

Posted on: 5 October 2020


If you need to work with a bail bond company, you are going to want to choose the best option for your situation.

#1: Basic Fee

In many states, the basic fee that you are charged for working with a bail bond company is set by the state. In these states, bail bond companies are typically not allowed to charge you more than 10% of the bail amount that has been requested. Check and find out what the laws are in your state, and make sure you choose a bail company that follows the laws.

#2: Attorney-Referral Discount

If you want to save some money on bail bond services, see if your defense attorney has a bail bondsman that they can refer to you. Many bail companies offer a reduced rate if you are a customer who was referred to them through a defense attorney.

They offer this discount because a referral partnership with a defense attorney that can help bring in more regular business. Additionally, when you get a referral from your defense attorney, you can rest assured that they are referring you to an agency that does good work.

#3: Wait for the Arraignment Hearing

If money is really an issue, instead of trying to pay bail right away, wait until the arraignment hearing. At the arraignment hearing, your attorney can present your circumstances to the judge. Your attorney may be able to get the judge to lower the bail fees you have to pay.

Or your attorney may be able to get the judge to allow you to be released without paying anything. If you can stand to wait until your arraignment hearing, you may be able to save some money or be released without having to pay anything.

#4: Hire an Agency

When it comes to bail bonds, consider working with an agency. An agency usually has multiple bond agents.

With more employees and resources, they are able to quickly handle your bond request and get you out of jail in a speedy manner. Many times, they have existing relationships with court clerks and attorneys that allow them to expedite the process.

#5: Always Read the Paperwork

Before getting help from a bail bond agency, always read the paperwork. Make sure you clearly understand the fees you are being asked to pay. Make sure you understand the collateral that you are offering. Be extra sure you understand the terms of your bail, as violating those terms could result in you being sent back to jail.

When it comes to getting out of jail quickly, a bail bond agent can help you with the process. Ask your defense attorney for a referral and consider working with an agency. Always carefully read the paperwork, and make sure you understand all the terms associated with your service.