Why Oil Companies Should Invest In Oil Well Service Ticket Software

Posted on: 2 July 2020


If you have an oil company that has a lot of oil wells, then you'll need to effectively manage their maintenance and repairs. You can do just that with oil well service ticket software, which is innovative and comes with so many great benefits. 

Remote Monitoring

There will be times when you're out of the office and thus, can't keep an eye on maintenance and repair requests submitted by your personnel. You never have to worry about missing these important updates when you invest in oil well service ticket software. 

That's because it provides remote monitoring. No matter where you are in the world, you'll be able to see recent tickets submitted and can then respond appropriately to them.

All you have to do is use the supported app that the software comes with and then you can perform all sorts of helpful operations on the go related to service tickets.

Improve Communication Between Parties

When there is a problem with one of your company's oil wells and a ticket is submitted, there are multiple parties that need to see this information. You can make it easy for these parties to see relevant information when you utilize oil well service ticket software. 

The correct parties will have access to this software and can easily log in, seeing every stage of the ticket process. Since everyone involved will be on the same page, including contractors, managers, and on-site personnel, you can improve communications and prevent costly mistakes.

User-Friendly Design

Even if you have employees that don't have a lot of experience using oil well service ticket software, that's completely okay. The software has a user-friendly design as to cut down the learning curve. 

Your personnel will have an easy time taking to the software and using its features to manage service ticket requests. They can easily see which tickets are first and have no issues pulling up information regarding a particular oil well.

Since this software does have a user-friendly design, you won't have to spend a lot of time or money training your employees on how to use it. The software will be second-nature to use.

Having a lot of oil wells to manage can be difficult, but there is help in the form of oil well service ticket software. After incorporating it into your company's operations, you'll gain access to important benefits like added repair efficiency and fewer mistakes. 

For further information, reach out to a company that offers oil well service software.