3 Great Tips When Choosing A Replacement Pump For A Water Well

Posted on: 18 May 2019


If you have a water well, at some point you may need to replace the pump. It may have corroded beyond the point of effective operation or may just be old and not working efficiently. Either way, you can choose a good replacement by considering these tips. 

Assess Depth of Well 

The depth of your water well plays a pivotal role in which well pump you select. So that you know exactly what to get, grab the plans to your water well. It should say somewhere how far down it is. If it doesn't, then you'll need to have a well specialist assess your unit.

Once you know the exact depth, you can decide between a shallow or deep well pump. Deep well pumps are submerged inside wells. Conversely, shallow well pumps don't have a submerged design. They are thus much easier to set up on your property.

Choose a Great Brand 

It's so important to choose a great brand for your water well pump. When you do, the odds of your water well pump lasting a long time drastically go up. Which brand is superior in the world of water well pumps, though? To find this out, you need to research customer reviews online. 

Look for a well pump brand that has received mostly positive feedback, especially regarding the quality of design and ease of maintenance. The brand also needs to have existed for a long time. Even if you have to pay extra for a more well-known brand, it's worth it to ensure you don't experience problems on a regular basis. 

Think About Optimal Size 

Not all water well pumps have the same size. Some are much larger than others to support a higher water usage amount. So that you end up buying the right well pump size, take your time thinking about how much water your family consumes on a regular basis.

Do you have a large household with a lot of bathrooms, or is it just yourself with one or two bathrooms? Once you know exactly how much water is consumed each day, you'll have an easier time deciding what pump size will work perfectly for your property.

The pump is one of the more important components of your water well. When it stops working like it should consistently, take your time looking for a replacement. Research your options and think about what would be ideal long-term.