What Elements Should You Look For When Buying An Air Purification System?

Posted on: 5 December 2018


If you have noticed lately that the air inside your business is stagnant, smelly, or dirty in any way, and if your employees have been getting sick more often, there is a good chance that the air in your business might be dirty and contaminated. If this is the case, you should consider installing an air purification system as a way of improving the indoor air quality in your business. Here are some of the elements you will need to consider and look for when purchasing a system like this.

The size

The first thing you will need to think about is the size of system you will need. Do you need a system that will clean the air in just one or two offices in your building, or do you need a system that will clean an entire building? This is a big question to evaluate as it will narrow down your options.

What it removes

The second main thing you will need to evaluate in this decision is what the air purification systems remove from the air. There are systems that will remove around 99% of all the particles in the air, but there are also systems that may remove only 30% of the particles. There are also systems that are designed specifically to remove mold and allergy spores from the air, but there are also systems that are designed more to remove impurities, such as dust and dirt. Make sure you compare the options available so that you can choose a system that will clean the air as well as you would like.

The maintenance needed for the system

The other thing you should look into is the types of maintenance a system will need once installed. Some air purification systems are very easy to maintain and may only require replacing a filter once a month. There are also systems that may require removing the filters and cleaning them before placing them back in the system. There may be additional types of maintenance needed too, and you should always find this out before choosing a system.

Your business can benefit greatly from installing the right air purification system. This will result in your business having cleaner air to breathe, and this may help your employees stay healthier. If you are interested in learning more about air purification systems, contact a company that sells them, such as PURE LIGHT CLEAN AIR SERVICES LLC. They can help you choose the right system for your needs.