4 Tips for Storing Holiday & Seasonal Decor

Posted on: 27 July 2016


A storage unit can solve many of your problems if you are trying to move the clutter out of your home. It is especially useful for storing seasonal décor items, whether it's the Christmas wreath or the summer lawn ornaments. Before tucking everything into storage, make sure your décor is properly prepared and packaged so it survives its time packed away safely.

Tip #1: Remove batteries

Some décor items, including light up or motion activated decorations, have batteries in them. These could be regular cell batteries or small button-type batteries. Remove them and wipe out the battery compartment with a lint-free cloth. This will ensure that corrosion doesn't develop in storage. You can store the batteries with the items by sealing them in a plastic bag, but they may leak their power during the storage period. Replacing with new batteries when you are ready to use the décor again is a better choice.

Tip #2: Clean everything up

This is especially necessary for outdoor décor. Wipe down items with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt. Winter lawn ornaments, especially, need careful cleaning if they were placed near a walkway where ice melt or salt was sprinkled, since this can cause damage to metal or fabric. Fabric items, like inflatables, need to be dried completely so they do not breed mildew in storage. This also goes for anything that contains natural components, such as wreaths.

Tip #3: Package safely

Often it is best to store décor items in the original boxes, if you have them, since they are form fitted to the item to prevent damage. Otherwise, look for specialty storage containers made for odd-shaped décor. For example, wreath boxes and ornament boxes are readily available. For odd shaped items, pack in plenty of bubble wrap inside of a box or tub. Plastic storage tubs are generally a better choice if you are concerned about pests or moisture damaging the décor during storage. Mark the exterior of the boxes as fragile, when necessary, and also list the holiday or season of décor that is kept inside.

Tip #4: Keep similar items together

When stacking items in your storage item, make sure everything is stacked together. This way you won't be hunting down Easter décor boxes from in between both the summer Tiki torches and the Thanksgiving cornucopias. Also, avoid stacking holiday on top of another; you don't want to remove the 20 Christmas boxes to get to the lone box of Valentine's Day décor at the bottom of the stack.

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