4 Mistakes To Avoid When Visiting A Staffing Agency

Posted on: 19 May 2016


If you are currently looking for work, utilizing the services of a staffing agency is an excellent way to get in a job quickly. This is because staffing agencies work with a number of employers in the area and will fit you perfectly to a job that meets your needs and skill set. However, many people make mistakes that can delay the process of getting a job through a staffing agency quickly. Here are four mistakes that you should avoid:

  1. Not Visiting During Applicant Hours: Many staffing agencies are going to have specific times for applicants to come in to interview and submit their resume or application. If you don't go during these hours, it is a purposeless trip, which is especially unhelpful in getting you a job quickly if the staffing agency is located a good distance from your home. Be sure to call to determine what hours are available for you to go in.
  2. Not Bringing the Right Paperwork: Before you actually go in to visit a staffing agency, be sure to ask over the phone what paperwork is required for you to bring in. This ensures that you are not turned away when you arrive. Many times, a staffing agency will require that you bring a photo ID, resume, and, if you don't know your social security number by heart, then it's important to bring that card with you as well. 
  3. Bringing a Poorly Written Resume: Staffing agencies aren't going to want to submit poorly written applications to their clients, which is why it's a waste of your time and their time if you bring in a poorly written resume. If you aren't sure how to write a resume, then you will want to ask the staffing agency if they have services available to help you put a resume together. Most will and this ensures that you are going in for the right services before moving forward with the process. 
  4. Not Submitting Paperwork on Time: Sometimes, a staffing agency will ask that you fill out specific paperwork for a specific job that they believe you are a good match for. You will want to fill this paperwork out quickly and turn it in by the time the staffing agency has asked for you to return it. If you turn it in late, chances are they have already filled the position.

When you avoid these four mistakes when visiting a staffing agency, you can be sure that the process moves quickly and you are able to be matched with a job that is perfect for you. 

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