Teens & Summer Break: 5 Ways To Automate & Protect Your Home

Posted on: 2 March 2016


After the final school bell rings, the life of high school student drastically changes from strict schedules to nearly three months of freedom and independence. For your home life, this can lead to multiple issues with the security, wasted energy, and general flow of the house. Instead of worrying about the revolving door of children and the freedom of summer, you can work with a security company to implement a system that will help your teenager earn responsibility and keep your home protected during all hours of the day. The following five features can ensure that your home runs smoothly until the new school year starts in the fall.

Thermostat Settings

The hot days of summer get relief through a home air conditioning system. While teens love to run these systems, they may leave them on and raise your electric bill each month. Help keep control of the cold air in your home with automated thermostat settings. Using a connected app, you can adjust the central air system in your home, get temperature readings, and make adjustments as needed. This will prevent the air from being on too long and keep your home at an ideal setting.

Security Codes

For many teens, summer vacation may include temporary jobs and different work hours than you. Instead of transforming your front door into a revolving door, you can set some control with custom security codes. Security companies have the ability to assign separate codes for everyone in the home. When your teenager works late or early in the morning, they can use their own house alarm code to get in and out. This helps give your child responsibility and allows them to leave without disturbing you. The code can be set temporarily for the summer or given to the teen as a permanent option. This is a great way to keep your home protected and allow your teen to have the freedom to work and pursue summer activities.

Live Stream Alerts

When the new codes are assigned for your security system, you can have extra protection by installing motion cameras or live streams that go with them. This allows you to monitor who is entering and exiting the home. For example, when your teen enters the security code to get into the home, you can receive an alert snapshot of that occurring. Through the snapshot, you have the ability to see who is with the teen and ensure that no one who is disapproved is actually entering the house.

Motion alerts can also be set-up for security cameras in the home. This can help capture any suspicious activities inside or outside the home. Getting instant access to these live streams can give you peace of mind and allow you to alert the authorities if needed.

Door & Window Sensors

Teens can get busy in the summer. Whether it's running outside to play, lounge by the pool, or head to the mall, it's easy to forget simple tasks at home. This is where automated sensors come in. You can receive alerts when windows and doors have been left open at the home. This allows you to easily contact the teen and make sure they get shut so your home is not vulnerable. For automated doors on your home like a garage door, connected security apps give you the ability to shut those doors and ensure that the areas remain protected.

Smart Plugs

Along with automating air conditioning and lights in the home, your security system can add other automation items to the list with the use of smart plugs. By plugging devices into the smart plugs, you have complete control through your smart phone or tablet. Using these plugs is a great way to make sure certain devices have been turned off by teens in the home. Examples include televisions, lamps, window-based air conditioners, computers, and other electronics. This will help save on your energy bill and ensure that these things are not left on all day long.

Sharing a smart plug app with your teen can help them be more responsible with the devices in your home and allow them to turn them off when needed.

Work with security companies, such as Intellex Security, to implement the features that are most important to your needs and security worries.