3 Tips For Turning Your Storage Unit Into An Office

Posted on: 29 December 2015


If you are a full-time freelancer or if you occasionally work from home, you may find that you need a personal office. However, if you live in an apartment or small house you may not have the square footage to add a home office to your living space. Renting a storage unit can be an ideal way to provide yourself with private office space that you intend to use occasionally. However, it is important to plan your self-storage office carefully to make sure that it works for you. 

Look for the Amenities that You Need 

A private office will not do you much good if you cannot use it when you need to because the unit is too hot or too cold or if you have to use a noisy generator to supply your computer with electricity. However, many modern storage facilities offer units with climate control that will make your unit comfortable to use year round. Also available are units with overhead lighting and electrical outlets which will give you constant access to electricity for your computer and peripherals. 

While climate controlled units will generally cost more than units without climate control, their cost is still less than most office spaces. You will also want to look for a facility that has adequate security so you feel safe staying in your unit for extended periods of time. Finally, make sure that there is a clean restroom for your use that is located near your unit, preferably one that you do not need staff permission to use. 

Clear Your Intended Use With the Manager of Your Facility 

Most self-storage facilities have rules about what types of activities can be completed on their premises. For example, you are not allowed to live or sleep at most storage facilities. Some facilities may not allow you to fully operate your business on their property. However, it is becoming more popular to complete business activities at a storage facility. Some storage facilities even offer large meeting rooms that you can rent out for meeting with clients, similar to a shared office space. 

Instead of guessing whether you are breaking the rules or not, talk to the facility manager about your intended use. Besides setting your mind at ease, they may be able to offer some suggestions as to which units are positioned best for easy access or extra amenities they may offer such as printing and copying documents. 

Add Plenty of Comfortable Touches 

Once you rent your storage unit, it is important to set it up in a way that feels comfortable and inviting. You may want to bring in a carpet, desk, and comfortable chair. Additionally, you should consider adding some well-lit paintings or photographs to give you the feeling of a window in your unit. If the walls of your unit have an industrial appearance, you may consider rigging fabric from the ceiling or bringing a folding panel to place around your desk to give the unit a more homey appearance.  

You should consider adding a water dispenser or be prepared to bring plenty of refreshments with you each time you use your storage space. While you may be tempted to install a mini-refrigerator in your unit, you should consider the extra electricity of keeping a refrigerator running and whether it is worth the cost if you only use your office space occasionally. 

Whether you need extra personal space for a few months to finish the novel you are working on or you need space for a year to get your business off the ground, self storage can be a creative place for you to create your own office. For more information, contact a company like National Self Storage - Denver.