What Makes A Label Successful?

Posted on: 24 June 2015


So you've started a business. Maybe you've created an amazing microbrew, or maybe you're selling homemade salsa at the farmer's market. Whatever you've got going on, chances are good that you'll find your sales go up with a well designed label. What does that look like? That's what you'll learn here, so read on!

Good Branding is Consistent

A good label communicates something to your customers. It tells them who you are, and it gives them a touch point, a brand name they can trust. In order to establish a brand for yourself, you need to work on consistency. If you print labels for your salsa bottles but have a totally different logo on the sign you use at the market, your customers may become confused. Use the same colors, fonts, logos, and symbolism in every form of advertising, from your label to your website to your business card.

By doing so, you reassure your customers that they are in the right place. When they take your business card and check out your website later they know immediately that it's you because your logo is the same on the card as the screen. They can remember the booth where they got that amazing hummus last week because of the logo or creative font choice of your signs. 

Good Branding is Relatable

Who drinks microbrewed beer? Who drinks your microbrewed beer? Knowing your customer base is extremely important when deciding on a branding technique. Not only does it allow you to anticipate and meet their needs, but it can help you create a branding style that speaks to them.

If you're serving primarily middle aged or elderly people, you probably won't want to blast your logo with skulls and crossbones. If you're serving mostly a younger crowd, that may be appropriate, but you'll want to avoid branding that seems old fashioned or plain. Your label should catch your customer's eye and make them think about how your product fits in their life. It shouldn't make them think about things they relate to in a negative way.

Good Branding is Scientific

There is some science to be found in the art of branding. Should your logo and business name go more toward the top or the bottom of your label? Do your research and look at the other items that will be shelved with yours. Where are their labels? How can yours stand out? The brand with a label that looks very different from the other products in its category could be more likely to be purchased.

Another interesting scientific tidbit that pertains to label design speaks to the colors you choose. If you're selling a consumable what colors have the best impact on consumers? You might be surprised to learn that the color blue is considered one of the worst to use for consumable label design because so few foods in nature are blue, making it a rather unappetizing color. Reds have an association with spicy fare, and greens with fresh, crisp foods. What color palette do you want associated with your brand?

Great Branding is All of the Above

A good brand can be any one of the above items. It can be consistent, but not scientific or relatable and still be successful. Part of the success of a brand has to do with the product itself, and not how attractive it looks on the outside. However, a truly great brand hits all the highlights listed above and is more likely to make an impact on your consumers. After all, it's hard to become popular if your label is a turn off and no one ever tries your product. 

Now that you know more about the basics of branding and label design, what is your best idea for your new image? Contact a company like http://www.northwestlabel.com/ to get started.