5 Ways New Parents Can Get Good Use Out Of A Storage Unit

Posted on: 7 April 2015


Preparing for a new baby comes with a lot of adjustments and life changes. Making room for the new body in the home is harder than you think. Even though there is a little body, there are a lot of items that come along with it. To help ease the transition, you can get a lot of use out of a self storage unit. Self storage units provide plenty of space to temporarily relocate items until they are ready to move back into the home.

There are five different ways that you can use a storage unit as you prepare for a baby. Every family is a different, but a majority can get great use out of a unit.

Future Baby Gear

There are many different stages in a child's life. Instead of keeping it all on hand, a storage unit can hold all of these items until the child is ready. After a baby shower, you may have a lot of extra gear that can be held in storage until it's ready for use, such as:

  • Baby Walkers: A baby will not be ready for a walker until they are at least 6 months old and can properly hold their head up. These walkers take up a lot of space and can fit well in a storage unit until your child is ready for it.
  • Car Seats: Many parents purchase larger car seats for after the infant stage. These seats can be held in a unit until they are ready for use. A storage unit is also ideal for keeping old car seats just in case the family expands in the future and the seats are needed again.
  • Backyard Activities: It's easy to store swing sets, small trampolines, or small electric vehicles to give the child when they reach the toddler stage.

Baby Keepsakes

There are a lot of memories that parents love to save of their child growing up. Whether it's the baby's first outfit from the hospital or their crib, there is no sense in keeping these items in the home when they can have more space and options with a storage unit.

Instead of using boxes, baby keepsake items should be stored in plastic totes. These totes will protect items from dust and the covers stay more secure. When using clear totes, it's also easy to see the items located inside.

Nursery Space

Making room for baby may require the conversion of a recreational room, guest bedroom, or office. Instead of just getting rid of the items in the room, you can easily clear everything out by keeping them in a storage unit. In the future, moves to a new home or the expansion of a current living space may create opportunities to take the stuff out of storage and get good use out of it again.

Dangerous Items

Baby-proofing your item is an important step in creating a safe living space for the new life. Instead of keeping dangerous items in your home or selling items, a storage unit provides an ideal location. A variety of items can be stored in a unit rental.

  • Knife Collections: A collection of knives can be safely stored in a unit.
  • Hunting Supplies & Gear: Guns, crossbows, and other dangerous hunting gear can be kept in a unit instead of at home. By using the unit, you can have easy access for any hunting trip.
  • Dangerous Chemicals: Try to keep as many dangerous chemicals out of the home as possible. This can include anything from car fluids to pool cleaners. Items that you don't need on a daily basis can be stored safely away from the home.

Family Relics

While preparing for a new child, there may be a lot of items that you want to pass down in the future. Instead of losing track of the these items, they can be easily organized in a storage unit.

  • Sports Gear: Save old gloves, helmets, and jerseys that the child can use as he or she grows up.
  • Halloween Costumes: Safely store old Halloween costumes that a child can wear for future holidays.
  • Jewelry: Store old rings, watches, and other jewelry that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Not only will the place help a home be less cluttered, but a storage unit offers a lot more organization possibilities.