Moving Costs Most People Forget About

Posted on: 12 February 2015


Moving is a monumental undertaking under the best circumstances. Packing all your belongings, loading them up and relocating every scrap of your life takes an enormous amount of energy and focus. In deciding how much their move will cost, most people factor in the cost of their new home, the moving truck, and moving supplies, but many people forget some crucial materials that end up costing them a lot of money in the end. Here are some commonly overlooked items you should add to your next moving estimate.

Cleaning Supplies

You might think you've got the cleaning supplies covered, but don't forget that the cleaning you give your home after all your things are out is very different from the day to day scrubbing you do while you're living there. Here is a list of cleaning supplies many people forget to stock up on before their move:

  • Microscrubbers. You know, the white rectangles that magically remove grime around light switches and markers off of walls? When you remove your furniture you may find that there is a layer or grime around them that you never noticed. You'll probably need a lot of these suckers.
  • Oven cleaner. The oven is one of the most over looked areas when people move out of homes, but new tenants or buyers commonly peek inside, and can be turned off by a filthy oven.
  • All purpose cleaner. You'll go through a lot of this wiping down walls, fixtures, and floors. 
  • Paper towels. Untold numbers of paper towels will give their lives for the cause of clean windows and shining stainless steel before you're settled in your new place. One can never have too many paper towels on moving day.

Stocking up on these things before moving day will help ensure fewer last minute trips to the corner store for supplies.

Pantry Items

If you're just moving across town, you might not need to worry too much about replacing all your pantry goods, but moving farther away is going to require some planning. Open containers of spices, rice, beans and other small items don't travel well, and will need to be used up and replaced upon arrival. Likewise, frozen and refrigerated goods will spoil on longer trips unless you want to spend a fortune on dry ice and enormous coolers. Don't make the mistake of not factoring in the cot for replacement of your pantry and freezer staples when you get to your new home.

School Supplies

Many schools now collect school supplies and add them to a community pool, allowing all children to use all supplies. That means you may have to purchase all new school supplies for your children when you enroll them in their new school. That can really add to the moving bill, especially if you have more than one child, and most especially if they attend private or specialty schools. 

Window Treatments

Buying new window treatments can create a huge expense, even if you take your window treatments with you when you move. Blinds and curtains are not one size fits all, and unless you're moving to a home with an identical floor plan, chances are there will be some expense in treating the windows. Take this into consideration when making your moving budget.

As you can see, these small but vital expenses can really add up, and make a big dent in your savings account if you're not prepared. Moving calculators mostly factor in the cost of the truck and materials, and most folks factor in rental deposits, first month's rent or mortgage, and utility deposits, but forget about the everyday items they will lose in the move. Consider all your expenses before you make your moving plan.